On-site Retainer
Bending Machine

BENDER makes retainer wire automatically, easily, and actually in real-time.


Wire bending machine

for the fixed retainer


BENDER is an on-site retainer bending machine. Orthodontic and engineering specialists of YOAT Corp. have contributed to making the best way to reduce time and cost for both doctors and patients. Finally, BENDER has come out to the world.

It has never been before in the orthodontic wire bending field that a retainer is bent and

provided on-site.​


Just 10 minutes to make a new retainer!

Could you believe that it takes only 10 minutes to make a new retainer on-site? 

It is very easy with simple three steps of BENDER

3D Scanning (3min/arch)

Wire Design (2min/arch)

Wire Bending (5min/arch)


Fixed Retainer Program FixR

FixR program is designated to support BENDER. Using FixR, anyone

can access easily to design a retainer. FixR can use 3D scanned files to check Maxillary, Mandible, and even Occlusion.  


Product Name

Model Number






W318 x D498 x H364 mm

(W12.5 x D19.6 x H14.3 in)

21 kg (46.2lbs)




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