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Retainers are extremely important and necessary after any type of orthodontic tooth movement whether it is Clear aligner or Traditional Metal Braces and it can be retained by fixed retainer that does not need to be removed.

If you would like patient's teeth to stay perfect after you finish Clear aligner, a properly fitting retainer is essential. If you choose Bender on-site retainer bending ROBOT, it is the best choice for you and your patient as well, because it’s fast, simple and economic.



Within 10 minutes you can have

a customized retainer for your patient. Time and cost-saving; more patients and less chair time per patient.



Within 10 minutes you can have

a customized retainer for your patient. No sending data files for clear retainers and waiting for delivery anymore.

Great time and cost-saving.



Guarantee retainers' quality always

 because it does not depend on dental lab technician’s hand skill but computer-controlled technology.


Point 1

Unbelievably economic compare to Clear retainer sheet because it costs only $1 per fixed retainer with BenderⅠ.


Point 2

The patient does not have to remember to wear it everyday.


Point 3

Minor over bending for the finishing stage is possible. 

You can push or pull teeth as you wish.

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