for Dental Lab

Extremely economic for fixed retainers and

the easiest way to make retainers for your dental practice customers.

The quickest support because no impression delivery to your lab and
no stone model necessary.



It costs only $1 per fixed retainer with Bender1. A dental lab can save money with its high performance. 

Every 10 minutes you can have

a beautiful retainer for your customer.



Guarantee retainers' quality always because it does not depend on dental lab technician’s hand skill but computer-controlled technology.


No impression

& stone model

No more argument with practice about deformed impression.


Point 1

High-Quality Job by Automation

Stress-free from

inconsistent quality.


Point 2

No Delivery

No more deformed impression from practice, just make retainer with STL files.


Point 3

Only $1 per Fixed Retainer

It costs only $1 to make

a fixed retainer with Bender.

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